Disrespecting Technology Workers

Technology instructors, programmers, and web designers are also subject to all types of abuse. I’ve seen programmers who wrote some really creative code but whose names were never mentioned in the company newsletter. Their technologically illiterate managers were highly praised instead.

If you look to sites like rent-a-coder, you’ll find that you can get fancy websites for next to nothing. You can even buy 10 articles for your site for as little as 50 dollars (5 dollars per article). That’s because so many good designers, writers, and programmers from countries like India and Russia are willing to work for relatively low pay. Since currently there is an ample supply of creative people, this abuse will continue.

In America your chances of becoming management material improve greatly the less you learn. When I went to college studying engineering, I met this man that never could understand the subject matter taught in class. When I ran into him years later, he was a highly paid manager working for the state. He told me that the only technology he needed for his job was to “know who to call”.

There are two types of degrees, ones in real fields like Biology, Chemistry, Computers, Engineering, Web Design, etc. and the ones usually held by management like the Masters in Business Administration (MBA), or a Doctorate in History, Literature or Education. A lot of times, someone working as a cashier for McDonald’s has more common sense than a typical PhD in Education. On the other hand, people with more practical degrees actually possess real skills. If it weren’t for people that create and understand technology, we would still be at the mercy of the Bishops of the Inquisition, all holding Doctorates of Divinity.

With some exceptions, corporations generally tend to hire MBA’s, PhD’s in Liberal Arts, or inept individuals with technology degrees as management. They are perfectly suited to the requirements of corporate culture. They just have enough brains to follow orders from corporate, but are not creative enough to challenge any directives.

I don’t think that my views of management are unique. You only have to look to the comic stripĀ DilbertĀ and note the intelligence of the “boss” character. The strip wouldn’t be as popular as it is, if it did not satirize the truth.

Let me warn the corporate alien management of today: Stop treating your technology people as “go-fors”! One day they’ll just get fed up and quietly walk off the job. Without them your data driven, email centric cyber world cannot long endure.


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