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I Love My Smart Phone

For a long time I resisted the move to a smart phone. I thought they were big and bulky and didn’t offer enough benefits for me to make the change. Boy, was I wrong! Now that I have made the move to smart phones- I’ve used HTC, Blackberry and now the iPhone- I cannot believe how I ever lived with out one.

If you are a home-based business owner then you need to read this article and you need to get yourself a Smart phone. Here are the benefits that I perceive and I am sure that you will think they are all great benefits too.

Always access to information through Google– Google has changed the way people live. Almost everyday people find themselves going to Google to try and find out information on any number of topics and businesses. With a 3G smart phone you can utilise the benefits of Google wherever you are- as long as you have access to a mobile network. You can also access things like Google Maps if you are lost and need to find yourself around a new area.

Remote access to files with cloud computing– Another great benefit of a smart phone is that you are never really away from your computer. You have a couple of options here; you can get a program that means you can access all of your files that are stored on your computer at home or in the office. Alternatively, like I do, you can use cloud-computing utilities like Google Docs to access your documents and make any alterations as necessary, again as long as you have access to a 4G network.

I’m much more productive– My smart phone makes me more productive. I now no longer have any downtime. My smart phone allows me to get back more hours each day. I can respond to emails whilst I am on the road and I’ve also been known to write articles on my phone during sporting breaks to submit to my blog or to this article directory! Because I am able to better make use of my downtime whilst away from home, it means I get back at least an hour at the end of the day where I don’t need to be responding to emails. This is my time that I now get to spend with friends and family.


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