Technologically Modern

With the presence of headquarters of some globally recognized brand, Helsinki is regarded as the economical capital of Scandinavia. Nokia and Laponia Jewelry are the two world businesses that have strengthened the socioeconomic status of this region. Located on the south east coast of Finland, it was a small fishing in the beginning. However, today’s Helsinki developed under the Russian rule with the contribution of great architect Carl Engel from Germany. He redesigned the entire Helsinki to give it a modern look.

Helsinki has been a tourist’s favorites for a long time. Travelers from Germany, Sweden, Japan and USA visit this beautiful place quite frequently. With a lively nightlife, this city receives accolades from the tourists from all across the globe. Some of the world famed bars like The Ice Bar and DTM thriving quite well over here. One most exciting aspect of this place is shopping at Stockman that features wide range of technological articles which you can buy at affordable rates. And of course, visiting historical monuments is another fantastic experience to have.

High rise buildings, market squares and 19th century architecture impress every visitor enough to inspire them to revisit. For summer it proves to be the best destination. Beautifully manicured green parks, waterways and open air cafes add to charm of this place to a great extent. The most favorable time to visit Helsinki is June through September. The climate of this city is usually milder. Hotels in Helsinki have all sorts of modern amenities to comfort the guests.


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