What is Internet Marketing

The Internet is the revolutionary technology which has provided consumers and businesses with connectivity. Both players have access to share vast amounts of information in an instant. Information can be customized, personalized and dispatched at incredible speeds over networks. This has given rise to a new form of business operation called internet marketing. This article will look at e-business, e-commerce and the benefits of internet marketing to both sellers and buyers. Undoubtedly, companies will need to develop innovative marketing strategies to remain competitive and viable.

E-business involves using electronic platforms to conduct a company’s business. Many companies design websites to inform about and promote their products and services. E-commerce involves buying and selling over the Internet – sellers offer their products and services online and buyers search for information, identify what they want and place orders using credit cards or other electronic payment. Internet marketing deals with communicating about, promoting and selling products and services over the Internet. It also includes companies buying goods, services and information from online suppliers. Online companies like and eBay are involved in internet marketing.

The growth of internet marketing has resulted in a shift in the way companies advertise and promote. Internet article marketing has emerged as a force to be reckoned with through the use of articles to advertise goods and services. Internet marketers place articles on article directories where consumers will visit to get information. The advantage of article marketing is that businesses can get free publication over the Internet and customers can access information prior to purchase. Internet marketing will continue as the business mode of choice due its many benefits.

1. Convenience – customers can shop online from the comfort of their homes.

2. Greater product access and selection – internet sellers can offer an almost unlimited selection compared to physical stores.

3. Access to comparative information – some sites provides information about companies, products and competitors.

4. Interactive and immediate – buyers obtain information, products or services they need and then purchase them immediately from the sites of the sellers.

1. Customer relationship building – companies can interact online with customers to learn more about specific needs and wants. In turn, online customers can ask questions and provide feedback. Therefore, companies can refine their products and services to enhance customer satisfaction.

2. Reduced cost – e-marketers avoid the expense of maintaining a store with the accompanying overhead costs.

3. Increased speed and efficiency – improved efficiencies for inventory, order processing and delivery.


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